2011 Martin OM Neck Rest

When local Cleveland area musician, Tony Koussa, brought a recent 2011 Martin OM online purchase into the shop it was clear it had issues.  The neck heel had pulled away from the body.  The action was so high the guitar was unplayable.  Here’s how I resolved the problem with a neck reset.

We do setups, too!

“Do you have time to do guitar setups?”  While spending this lovely October afternoon re-attaching a loose brace and repairing a cracked back

img_8120on this 1949 Gibson J-50, the owner asked me if I also do guitar setups. Well, I sure do.  As a player myself, I think our guitars should fit us like a well-worn pair of jeans. When someone brings their guitar in for a setup, I first have them play it for me so that I understand their playing style. The guitar is then setup accordingly. Each setup is unique to the guitar and its owner. Thought I’d mention this since most recent posts have been about fairly involved repairs.