1943 Tri State Lap Steel Repair & Restoration!

I had a blast restoring this 1943 Tri State lap steel guitar for one of my customers.  Whether you’re from the Cleveland, Ohio area or from the other side of the globe, I’m always happy to discuss your repair, restoration or custom shop needs.

Jim Kozel, Luthier


One thought on “1943 Tri State Lap Steel Repair & Restoration!”

  1. I recently purchased a 1940’s Tri State lap steel which appears to be identical to the one you restored on your you tube video.
    It is solid and the electrics work but , of course, in preparing to put on a new set of strings I discovered that the plastic tuning head buttons were very weak and crumbly. I have looked everywhere on line , that I know to look, to find a “Vintage” style replacement without success.
    Any advice?
    Thank you,
    Ron Short

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