Jim’s performs at the June 19, 2019 Brother’s Wine Bar Writer’s Night…the 10×3.

It was a treat to perform at Brent Kirby’s 10×3 on June 19th. As a Cleveland area luthier, it’s rare I get to perform with instruments that I restore or repair. But that’s just what happened last night. When the output jack on my archtop failed, Ray Flanagan loaned me his 1923 Gibson L-01. I had done some major crack repair restoration to bring it back to life. Here’s me and the Gibson performing two of mine, “Jessica” and “Neptune Bar & Grill” then an old favorite with everyone singing along.

Damien & Dantez are Reunited

As Pablo Casals said, “Perhaps it is music that will save the world.” Music is our universal language. All of us appreciate, perform, play it. This is not much of a repair video, but please allow me to introduce you to a present and future voice for our “universal language”. Meeting artists like Damien tempers my cynicism and feeds my hope.

Neptune Bar & Grille by Jim Kozel

As a Cleveland-area luthier and musician, one of my favorite venues is Brother’s Wine Bar. Every Wednesday night Brent Kirby hosts a 10×3 writers night. Ten acts, each performing at least two original compositions.

The February 13, 2019 10×3 was special in that each performer was assigned the task of writing a new song that incorporated the words “Neptune”, “Tuesday”, “memories”, and “maker”. Here’s my debut performance of, Neptune Bar & Grill.

Harmony Monterey Archtop Crack Repair x 5

As a Cleveland-based luthier doing guitar repair and restoration, I see quite a few instruments requiring crack repair.  Instruments are allowed to dry out in the winter months or left in cars during the summer.  Car interiors can get to over 115 degrees and down to 14% humidity during the summer months!  This Harmony Monterey was an extreme case.  Five long cracks that all needed to be knitted back together.  Here’s a short video on how the repair was completed.