1966 Gibson Restoration Video

Living outside of Cleveland along the shores of Lake Erie can be pretty tough on our instruments.  The sometimes extreme temperature and humidity swings between summer and winter can cause cracks, warping, fret and neck playability issues and the list goes on.  As a luthier, I see a lot of these climate-related issues with guitars.  However, it was only part of what was going on with this 1966 Gibson J-45.  Here’s the video on the steps to its restoration.

The Short Cut Trilogy by Jim Kozel

The Short Cut Trilogy is one of my most frequently requested group of songs.  It chronicles the adventures of a miner working at the Tomboy Mine in Telluride, Colorado at the turn of the last century.

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Jessica by Jim Kozel, Luthier & Guitarist

“Jessica”, written for my daughter when she was four, is one of my most requested compositions.  Here is a video of “Jessica” including some pics of my daughter today as a professional dressage trainer and competitor.  “Jessica” is also available on my CD, Goin’ South.

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K&K Pickup Installation in Mainland Baritone Uke

Ukes are small, even baritones, and present some unique challenges for pickup installation.  I created this video to give ukulele players as well as other musicians a close look at the process of installing a K&K pickup into a Mainland baritone ukulele.  Enjoy!

I Need a Drink and so does Your Guitar!

I’ve been getting a lot of calls from clients about buzzing strings and other issues with the way their guitars are playing.  Well, it’s winter and guitars are drying out.  Here’s a video on humidifying your instrument BEFORE you think about adjusting the neck, saddle height, or a having a fret job.  It’s all about humidity or the lack of it!

Ukulele is for everyone!

I saw Jake Shimabukuro’s ukulele arrangement of While My Guitar Gently Weeps nine years ago and immediately brought the ukulele into my family of stringed instruments.  Since that time I’ve composed with the ukulele, have built custom ukuleles and teach ukulele.  Ukulele is particularly well-suited for seniors wishing to play an instrument for the first time.  My favorite students are Mim & Mel, who have been part of my studio for over two years.  We’re talking finger style ukulele lessons, not just strumming three chords.  I’ve attached my arrangement of Simple Gifts for the tenor ukulele for those of you who would like to play what Mim and Mel are currently practicing.

Simple Gifts_LowG

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Bermuda Blue by Jim Kozel

IMG_3536I wrote Bermuda Blue while staying at Grape Bay Cottages in Bermuda, June of 2014.  Sitting in the living room with all the windows open and the sound of the surf breaking just yards away inspired this piece.

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